Hormonal Imbalances

High stress lifestyles are common for many women who juggle personal and professional obligations in today’s fast-paced, modern day world.  Coupled with suboptimal nutrition and inadequate sleep or time for leisure, a woman’s delicate hormonal balance can become disrupted resulting in several health issues ranging from weight gain or insulin resistance, menstrual irregularities, fatigue, chronic headaches, altered sex drive, hair loss and skin changes, and even anxiety and depression.

Dr. Luhar, ND offers women the opportunity to transform their lives by taking charge of their health to balance hormones naturally, banish fatigue and improve energy levels, enhance immunity and vitality, and optimize mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Treatments for conditions ranging from urinary tract infections and polycystic ovarian syndrome, to osteoporosis and cancer prevention are available. Medically trained and naturally focused, Dr. Luhar empowers women by addressing diet, stress management and emotional/physical health with the use of natural therapies and medicines.

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