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Dr. Faryal Luhar, ND

With a passion for the body’s innate healing power and the integration of naturopathic medicines and therapies, Dr Faryal offers patients comprehensive naturopathic medical care and education to optimize their health and wellbeing. 

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct primary health care profession that emphasizes prevention and optimal health with the use of natural, treatments and therapeutic methods. The individual is treated as a “whole” by addressing physical, emotional, mental, psychological, environmental, social, spiritual and genetic factors that encompass each person’s uniqueness. As such, it does not merely treat symptoms alone and rather focuses on the root cause of disease or illness.

Naturopathic doctors encourage each individual’s inherent self-healing capacity to restore and maintain optimal health. They combine the wisdom of nature with the tenacity of modern science and utilize protocols that are innovative, safe and effective. Naturopathic principles and practices are steeped in traditional healing methods that include the following diagnostic and therapeutic modalities: clinical and laboratory diagnostic testing, nutritional and dietary medicine, botanical medicine (plants), traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture, homeopathic combination treatments, intravenous and injection therapy (Canada), hydrotherapy, physical therapies and lifestyle counselling. 

Naturopathic doctors remove barriers to good health and stimulate and support functions in the body to regain a healing internal and external environment.

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Compliments of Dr. Shawna Darou, ND who is a passionate, knowledgeable and tenacious colleague and fellow graduate.

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